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Outlook Add-In

Outlook Add-in

Install our Outlook Add-In to easily reserve QReserve resources directly from your Outlook calendar.


We recommend using the latest version of Outlook from Office 365 and we support web clients as well as both the Windows and MacOS desktop clients.

Setting up the Outlook Add-In

Step 1 - Install QReserve's Outlook Add-In

The QReserve Outlook Add-in is available directly from the Office Store. Accessing the Office Store differs across application versions but can usually be found from any email by clicking on the 3 dots at the top right and then selecting Get Add-ins from the menu. Add Outlook Add-Ins

Alternatively, in Outlook on the web, select the Add-Ins icon shown below from the Mail toolbar.

Add Outlook Add-Ins

Step 2 - Search for QReserve

On the Add-Ins for Outlook window, enter QReserve into the search box on the top right to find QReserve's add-in in the Microsoft directory.

Search for QReserve

Step 3 - Add QReserve's Add-In

After selecting the QReserve Add-In, click the Add button to install the add-in to your account. Click the Add Button

Step 4 - Book in QReserve from Outlook

After the Add-In is installed, you can go to any calendar event, select the 3 dots from the top bar, select QReserve and then select Booking. A new panel will appear to log into QReserve and book your reservation. Outlook Book Now Outlook Add-in