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Outlook Add-In

Outlook Addin

Setup our Outlook Add-In to quickly access QReserve directly from your Outlook calendar!


We recommend using the latest version of Outlook from Office 365.

Setting up the Outlook Add-In

Step 1 - Get Add-Ins

From any email, click on the 3 dots at the top right and then select Get Add-ins from the menu. Outlook Get Add-ins

Step 2 - Add a custom add-in from URL

On the Add-Ins for Outlook window, select + Add a custom add-in and then select Add from URL... from the dropdown menu.

When prompted for the URL, enter:

Outlook From Url

Step 3 - Book in QReserve from Outlook

After the Add-In is installed, you can go to any calendar event, select the 3 dots from the top bar, select QReserve and then select Book Now. A new panel will appear to log into QReserve and book your reservation. Outlook Book Now Outlook Addin