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User Roles

Users within your site can have different permissions to access and update data based the role they are assigned. Further granular control over resource visibility, reservablility, and rates can be assigned to users through the use of user groups and training requirements. The vast majority of users will have the User role with only a select few trusted super users being given moderator or administrator roles.

Editing Roles

Roles are edited in your table of users through the Role column and when you are first adding users into your site. Modifying a user role takes effect instantly as soon as you change the value in the table.

Role Descriptions


A User is the base level user role and will make up most site members.

Users can do the following:

  • Search and join sites;
  • View and reserve resources (with the appropriate permissions);
  • Search resources across QReserve's research network;
  • View a history of personal approvals, reservations, and training;
  • Edit their personal profile.


A Moderator is the next level user role and can help with the management of sites.

Moderators can do everything Users can do plus the following:

  • Edit reservations of other users in the site;
  • Bypass certain reservation restrictions;
  • Access all reports in administration;
  • Manage site users;
  • Manage training records;
  • Manage resources;
  • Bypass certain reservation restrictions.


An Administrator is the highest level user role and has full control over sites.

Administrators can do everything Moderators can do plus the following:

  • Manage site integrations;
  • Manage site forms;
  • Manage site settings;
  • Manage site subscriptions;
  • Delete sites.