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Schedule, catalogue, and manage your resources in one central place

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Smarter Scheduling and Automation

You set the parameters. Let QReserve do the rest.

QReserve is your lab’s smart scheduling platform. Graduate from basic calendars or pen-and-paper scheduling to our powerful, online scheduling tools. Save time and reduce administrative work.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Restrict resource access by type of user.
  • Create unique rates for resources based on user group.
  • Set unique reservation duration limits for each resource.
  • Set approval requirements for reservations.
  • Create custom email templates for pending, approved or denied reservations.
  • Restrict resource access by user training record status.
  • Block resource access during scheduled maintenance periods.
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Catalogue Your Resources

If a resource can’t be found, it can’t be used.

QReserve is your lab’s central resource catalogue. Showcase your catalogue to students, researchers, and industry partners looking for resources and expertise like your own. Create new opportunities to share and collaborate.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Keep detailed capability and status records of your resources.
  • Embed your resource catalogue directly into your own website or CMS with ease.
  • Restrict who can search for and access your resources using QReserve’s public and private search features.
  • Track catalogue searches to understand which resources are in-demand.
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Unite Your Resources

Collaborate with other labs in your network and build a collective resource catalogue.

QReserve Enterprise is your lab’s bridge to other resources in your network. Connect labs in your department, university, or consortia. Create new opportunities for collaboration or sharing while maintaining full control over your own resources.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Maintain full control over your own resources, users, site settings and permissions
  • Showcase your resources alongside other sites in your network to create a collective resource database
  • Network administrators gain insight into collective resource capacity, usage and availability.
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Trusted by institutions worldwide

Company logos for SickKids, Government of Canada, UBC, McMaster Univesity

How QReserve Brought an Entire Research Institute Together

The PGCRL Equipment Database has brought SickKids' research resources out of hiding - facilitating collaboration, maximizing utilization, and providing insights that allow for improved allocation of funding.

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Helping companies flourish with QReserve in Ontario

"We’ve added around 150 members from 49 companies into QReserve, and I’ve had no one ask for help; they started using it easily. I used to work in operations, and people having no questions when adopting new software is unheard of."

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