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Schedule your entire facility from one smart platform

From easy room booking tools to complex access and capacity restrictions, QReserve's Scheduling Platform will help your organization to schedule facilities, reduce administrative workloads, and operate more efficiently.

QReserve's smart scheduling platform illustration

How can QReserve help?

QReserve streamlines all of your scheduling needs while accommodating your facility's unique processes.

For staff, QReserve makes the booking process easy and convenient with three booking options: smart calendars, on-demand booking kiosks, and automated online booking tools.

For administrators, QReserve allows you to setup custom reservation parameters such as room capacity limits and user based access restrictions. Our live maps provide you with real-time activity and capacity information.

Everyone benefits

Room Scheduling

Staff Scheduling

Equipment Scheduling

Feature highlights

QReserve provides a ton of functionality right out of the box and we will work with you to develop custom reports, integrations, or logic to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

Live maps and reservation kiosk tablets

Room Scheduling Tools

  • Time-of-day and day-of-week capacity limits for rooms
  • Live activity maps of your floor plans and rooms
  • Custom reservation duration minimums and maximums
  • Auto-cancel feature for reservations with no activity detected
  • Website integration tool that allows users to schedule rooms directly from your website

Staff Scheduling Tools

  • One smart calendar to schedule staff
  • Last-minute cancellation notifications to inform staff of changes in the schedule
  • Capacity limits for staff scheduling
  • Automatic emails notifying staff members of any schedule changes
  • Personal calendar feed integration that syncs QReserve bookings to personal calendars
  • Publicly visible anonymized calendar of your staff schedule

Equipment Scheduling Tools

  • Ability to block equipment access based on the schedules of other equipment
  • Buffer times to stagger the timing of staff members accessing equipment
  • User-based equipment access rules
  • Embed a customized, searchable catalogue of resources on your website
  • Unique approvers for each piece of equipment

Live Activity Tracking

  • Display staff, room or equipment availability on kiosks and allow on-demand and future bookings
  • Display live maps of your staff, room or equipment activity
  • Access a suite of other reports including activity, actual usage, capacity and heatmap reports

Check-in / Check-out Procedures

  • Check-in and confirm a reservation by scanning a personal QR code
  • Check-in and confirm a reservation via email
  • Track actual utilization and capture other environmental metrics directly into QReserve using sensors

Why use QReserve's resource scheduling platform?

One central platform

Schedule rooms, staff, and equipment all from one centralized smart platform with the ability to divide responsibilities between units while accessing top-down insights.

Fast adoption & deployment

QReserve is easy to use and fast to adopt which has influenced many of our clients to switch to QReserve.


Resource maps, embedded website search engines, and kiosks are all dynamic ways QReserve helps your members discover and schedule the resources available to them.

Reduced administrative work

Our users save hours of administrative work each month using our smart scheduling and management tools to automatically generate reports and insights.

Empowering leading organizations around the world

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