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Smarter tools to schedule and organize your lab

Smarter scheduling

Save time and reduce administrative burdens with QReserve’s powerful and smart scheduling platform. Graduate from shared calendars or pen and notebook scheduling to QReserve’s powerful management platform.

Powerful automation

Automatically change rates based on the time of day, prevent untrained users from accessing dangerous equipment, track supervisor approvals, and record customized details about resource usage and loans. Automatically!

Unite your facilities
Enterprise Solution

QReserve Enterprise is your lab’s bridge to other resources in your network. Connect labs in your department, university, or consortia. Create new opportunities for collaboration or sharing while maintaining full control over your own resources.


Free $0

Per site per month

  • 5 Resources
  • 5 Members
  • 1 Administrator
  • Unlimited Reservations
  • Basic Features

Plus $40

Per site per month

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Unlimited Members
  • 1 Administrator
  • Unlimited Reservations
  • Better Features

Premium $60

Per site per month

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Unlimited Members
  • Unlimited Administrators
  • Unlimited Reservations
  • Pro Features + Add-on Module Access

Add-on Modules

Available to Premium Subscribers
$40 each per site per month

  • Training Management

    Track training records and control reservations based on training status.

  • File Storage

    Attach public and private files to your resources.

  • Website Integration

    Embed a customized, searchable catalogue of resources on your website.

  • Forms

    Ask unlimited, customizable questions before every reservation.

  • Reservation Kiosks

    Display live reservation statuses on tablets or kiosks outside rooms and next to tools.

  • White Labelling

    Customize the login page and application with your logo and colours.

  • Maintenance Management

    Manage maintenance records, schedule upcoming resource maintenance and restrict resource usage with maintenance records.

All prices are listed in USD. Enterprise pricing is available.

Trusted by institutions worldwide

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How QReserve Brought an Entire Research Institute Together

The PGCRL Equipment Database has brought SickKids' research resources out of hiding - facilitating collaboration, maximizing utilization, and providing insights that allow for improved allocation of funding.

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Helping companies flourish with QReserve in Ontario

"We’ve added around 150 members from 49 companies into QReserve, and I’ve had no one ask for help; they started using it easily. I used to work in operations, and people having no questions when adopting new software is unheard of."

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What can QReserve do for me?

  • Smart scheduling

    Set parameters for resource access and let QReserve manage the rest.

  • Training management

    Track training records and link directly with reservation requirements.

  • Maintenance logs

    Schedule resource maintenance and restrict reservations accordingly.

  • Real-time reporting

    Better understand your resource utilization and capacity from a user, resource, facility, and cluster perspective.