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Create a resource sharing network for your organization

Organizations house immense quantities of resources that are often siloed and spread across different locations. A QReserve Resource Sharing Network is your organization’s dynamic asset map and directory of resources.

QReserve integrates across an organization

How can QReserve help?

QReserve helps your organization unify its collective resources and connect people to the tools they need. Our dynamic asset maps provide unprecedented visibility into resource capabilities, locations, key contacts, access rules, and more. Encourage collaboration, improve resource accessibility and reduce spending by making better use of the valuable resources you already own.

Everyone benefits

If you're a member searching for a piece of equipment, QReserve makes finding and requesting access to that tool as easy as finding a library book.

If you're a resource owner who wants to promote your resources or capitalize on excess capacity, QReserve lets you advertise your capabilities within your network.

Resource search product illustration

How sharing with QReserve works

Establish your network

Invite your organization and external users to join your network and list their resources. Members can keep control of their resources and define their own access rules.

Search, connect & collaborate

Members can easily search through your directory of resources, contact resource owners, request access, and make reservations from one integrated platform.

Gain valuable insights

Track the connections you’ve facilitated and access real-time insights to better understand how your network is accessed and where future investment belongs.

With your resource sharing network, you can create...

Sharing networks

Deploy your own Sharing Network directly in your existing website to help members showcase and share their resources.

Marketplace networks

Launch your Marketplace directory resources to help users sell and trade resources internally or externally.

Wishlist networks

Allow members of your organization to list resources they are looking for in your Wishlist directory.

Wave Network

Why deploy a QReserve resource sharing network?


Minimize IT involvement and put the administrative power in the hands of your resource experts.


Resource maps, embedded website search engines, and interactive kiosks are all dynamic ways QReserve can help people in your organization discover the resources available to them.


Activate QReserve's smart scheduling tools for added benefit, or integrate with your existing calendar platform. For more information on available integrations, visit our integrations page.

Easily Deployable

Create your organization's Resource Sharing Network in minutes! QReserve's intutitive interface makes it easy for people to catalogue and showcase their resources to participate in your network.

Empowering leading organizations around the world

How QReserve helped SickKids researchers collaborate and manage their core facilities

The PGCRL Equipment Database has brought SickKids' research resources out of hiding - facilitating collaboration, maximizing utilization, and providing insights that allow for improved allocation of funding.

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Helping companies flourish with QReserve in Ontario

"We’ve added around 150 members from 49 companies into QReserve, and I’ve had no one ask for help; they started using it easily. I used to work in operations, and people having no questions when adopting new software is unheard of."

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