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Platform Status

Robert M.
Our ability to open our Athletic Center is purely because of QReserve. (...) It is fully customizable and, once you are used to how it works and how to get it to do what you need, meets and exceeds everything we need the program to do.Robert M.Co-Director of Athletics, The Taft School
Adam H.
Equipment booking and management is much easier compared to running everything from different excel sheets, outlook calendars, etc. User feedback has been excellent so we're very happy with this system.Adam H.Senior Scientist
Ian G.
Overall this has been one of the best software deployments I've been involved in, uptake has been universal and training times minimal. (...) I'm extremely confident we made the correct choice in using this. Support from the QReserve team has been superb.Ian G.Lab Manager
Elizabeth H.
What has stood out to me the most is high level of client service we have received. (...) It can be customized to suit business goals; we had specific requirements for reporting, usability and communication and the QReserve team has been able to deliver.Elizabeth H.Project Manager, Humber College: Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation
Heather B.
(...) I think QReserve functionality is the best. It covers the booking of all resources, associated paperwork, tracking repairs and usage, and customization is easy.Heather B.Program Coordinator, The Forge at McMaster University
Jessica S.
The customer service offered by these folks is everything. We were able to customize exactly what we wanted for a daily scheduling platform.Jessica S.Lab Manager, Harvard Medical School
Harleen S.
Quite intuitive, highly flexible, easy to integrate (...). The project has been a smooth run and has only received positive feedback from our peers and focus groups.Harleen S.Project Coordinator, Humber College: Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation
Karen L.
[QReserve] allows us to easily manage bookings in our space. Alleviates administration from manually booking and scheduling - which is a big time save. It also allows for us to readily share our resources outside our direct team and make resources more visible and utilized.Karen L.Director of Operations, Innovation Factory
Maureen G.
The software is easy to use and QReserve is always available to answer all questions. It has made things so much easier in the gym due to COVID-19 and the need to pre-book workout sessions. The members are all very happy with it as well.Maureen G.Fitness Facility Manager, Fitness@MIP
Temu M.
Flexible, intuitive, practical. Overall, makes scheduling a whole lot easier for the team.Temu M.Project Coordinator, Humber College: Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation