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Microsoft Outlook (Real-Time)

Push QReserve reservations into your Outlook Calendar within seconds by connecting your Microsoft account to QReserve.

Connecting QReserve to Microsoft

  1. From the main menu, go to your Profile page and select the Integrations tab.

Integrations Tab

  1. Click the Connect button in the Microsoft 365 row to authorize QReserve to view and update your Outlook Calendar data. QReserve will only push, modify, or remove reservations in your Outlook Calendar that were created in QReserve.

Connect to Microsoft

  1. You can choose which of your QReserve site memberships will integrate with Outlook Calendar as well as which Outlook Calendar events will be pushed into. We highly recommend creating a new Outlook Calendar to receive QReserve events so that you can more easily turn these events on and off within Outlook.

Connections Table

Connect Calendar Button

Push all of your own reservations from a site

Connect Calendar Window

Push all of a specific resource's reservations from a site (not just your own)

Connect Calendar Window

  1. Once you have established a connection between a QReserve site and an Outlook Calendar, existing reservations (going back 30 days and 1 year in the future) will automatically be pushed during an initial synchronization that can take up to a few minutes to complete.

  2. Moving forward, any new reservations will automatically appear in your Outlook Calendar within 20 to 60 seconds of creation.

  3. An Outlook Calendar connection will automatically be removed if you leave a site.


Currently only regular reservations can be pushed to a Outlook Calendars. Maintenance events, even if blocking, will not be pushed to a Outlook Calendar.


If you receive permission errors when attempting to connect to your Microsoft 365 account then you may need your system's administrator to provide access to the QReserve Application.