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Enabling Transactions

You have the option of whether or not the reservations of any particular resource should debit user spending accounts. By default, spending account debits are turned off and thus must be turned on.

Option 1: Single Resource

  1. On your Resources page in Administration, click on the pencil icon next to the resource you want to enable account debits on.
  2. Go to the Reservations tab and then select Rates from the side menu.
  3. Ensure you have at least one rate entered for this resource. Once debits are enabled for a resource, any non-zero rate requests will require the user to have a valid, active account to debit from.
  4. Find the Debits from User's Account on Usage option and click the toggle switch to the Yes position.


Option 2: Multiple Resources at Once

  1. On your Resources page in Administration click on the Multi-Edit button in the toolbar.
  2. Select either the All Resource or the Some Resources option and select the resources you wish to modify the account debit option for.
  3. Under the Field option, select Account Debit on Usage as the field you wish to modify.
  4. Select the desired value (Yes or No).
  5. Click on the Apply button to apply your value to each resource.