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Resource Properties

Your resources can store a host of different properties and options, as well as custom properties, to track nearly any type of information imaginable. Use properties for asset management or, in some cases, to help users filter down to the tools they need.

Editing a Resource Profile

Resource profiles can be modified under the Profile tab of a resource. For detailed information on each option, click the ? Icons next to the property name for an overview.

Resource Profile Tab

Additional and Custom Properties

Additional properties that are built-in or created on your site's Custom Properties page in Site Settings are available on the Properties tab.

Resource Profile Tab

Filtering on Custom Properties

Custom resource properties that are Boolean (Yes/No) or Integer (Number) can be optionally be set as filters on your site's resource list. Only public properties can be used as filters at this time.

Filter Property Toggle

Once enabled, and if set to public, users will be able to filter resources based on these properties right from your site page.

Property Filters

Multi-Resource Editing

If you want to update the properties of many resources at once, the multi-edit functionality will make this very easy. Here are some examples of the multi-edit tool in use:

Update the status of multiple resources at once


Quickly add reservation approvers