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Maintenance Records

The maintenance records module allows you to record maintenance activities. This feature closely resembles the regular reservation system but includes unique functionalities tailored for maintenance management.


Blocking and Non-Blocking Scheduling

Maintenance can be scheduled to block or not to block regular reservations to allows continuous use of equipment even during maintenance periods. Blocking maintenance reservations are shown as solid events on calendars while non-blocking maintenance logs are shown as outlined.

Blocking and non-blocking maintenance

Maintenance-Specific Forms

You can create forms that are specific to maintenance only so that you can record maintenance specific data for a resource including file uploads via the File Upload form field.


Similar to regular reservations, you can set a reminder on maintenance records to remind you of upcoming scheduled maintenance.

Workflow Triggers

You can create workflow triggers that are run when a maintenance record is created, starting, or ending just like you can with reservation triggers.

Creating and Editing a Maintenance Entry

Maintenance entries can be made and edited either from the main calendar by selecting the Maintenance tab or from the Maintenance tab in resource administration.


Creating Maintenance Records

  • All administrators and moderators can create maintenance records.
  • Regular users require the 'Maintenance Editor' permission to create maintenance.

Editing Maintenance Records

  • All administrators and moderators can edit all maintenance records.
  • Users with the 'Restricted Maintenance Editor' permission can create and edit their own maintenance records only.

Reservation and Maintenance Detail Visibility

Enable reservation and maintenance details to be visible to users within a group to allow any users within that same group to view all the details of each other's reservations and maintenance even if the resource in question has reservation details or maintenance details hidden or partially hidden. Groups with group visibility enable will have an eye icon when viewing groups in the user table.