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Bulk Importing

Resources can be bulk imported through CSV files to quickly setup or update your QReserve site.

Getting Started

To begin, click the Upload toolbar button from your Resources page in Administration. From here, you can download a CSV template to get started or, if you have already added resources to your site, you can use the Download toolbar button to access your existing resources in CSV format to update or append. Your CSV file supports a wide array of columns that are documented below.


When uploading data your CSV file will first be parsed by the QReserve platform for any initial problems. Once upload has begun, additional issues may arise for invalid or conflicting data values. These errors are typically returned to your upload window with information about the row and the column where the error occurs. If you encounter any issues with uploading your data please contact us.

Supported Columns

When uploading a CSV spreadsheet, resources without a Resource ID will be considered new resources and will be created. All columns are option except for Name and Resource ID is required when updating a resource. Supported properties are constantly being updated and thus this list may not contain all supported properties at a given time. If you are looking for a property not listed below, please contact us and we would be happy to provide further guidance.

Uploading Rates

Rates and rate management can be a complex task when each resource has several different rates and restrictions. Rates cannot be uploaded with resources but instead through a separate rate management utility found on the Rates page in the Resources menu item in Administration.

General Properties

Column Name Format Description
Resource ID Text The QReserve assigned ID for existing resources. This column will be present when downloading your resources as a CSV export.
Reservable Type Text One of:
reservable - can be reserved on a calendar
reservablerequestable - can be requested outside of a calendar
Contact Email Email The email address of the contact user. Must be a site members already.
Secondary Contact Email Email One or more comma separated emails for secondary contacts. Must be site members already.
Active Boolean Either true or false.
Archived Boolean Either true or false.
Name Text REQUIRED The name of your resource and should always be included in your CSV import.
AltNames Text List of alternative names separated by commas.
Class Text One of: equipment, consumable, locations, person, service, solution, software, grant, artist, artwork, publication
This class pre-sets some built in properties and must be one of these pre-set values.
Category Text The [display category](/docs/resource-management/categories) for the resource.
Tags Text A list of tags separated by commas. Tags must be setup in your site prior to using them in a CSV upload.
Groups Text A list of user groups separated by commas or | characters. User groups must be setup in your site prior to using them in a CSV upload.
Keywords Text A list of keywords separated by commas.
Status Text One of: operational, non-operational, needs minor repair, needs major repair, broken, to be disposed of, disposed of, transferred, sold, missing.
Status Detail Text Additional details about the status.
Disclaimer Text An important disclaimer about your resource.
Location Text Where your resource is located for internal private purposes.
Public Location Text Where your resource is located for external public purposes.
Description Text
Website URL
ImageURL URL A public facing URL of this resource's image that will be retrieved by the platform and added to the resource upon upload.
Manufacturer Text
Model Text
Units Integer The number of units available.
Units Name Text The name of your units (e.g. shelves, items, etc.).
Units Consumable Boolean Either true or false to have units deplete with use (cannot be changed after a resource is created).
Units Mode Text Either numbered (default) or named.
Serial Number Text
Barcode Text The text representation of a barcode.
Purchase Price Number The decimal number representing the purchase price.
Purchase Date Date Date in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
For Sale Boolean Either true or false.
Training Text A description of training required to access this resource.
SKU Text
Custom Property Text Any custom properties should be recognized upon upload so long as their name does not conflict with existing properties.

Reservation and Request Properties

Column Name Format Description
Reservation Unit Limit Integer Maximum number of units per reservation or request.
Default Reservation Duration Seconds Default reservation duration in seconds.
Reservation Minimum Seconds Minimum reservation duration in seconds.
Reservation Limit Seconds Maximum reservation duration in seconds.
Buffer Before Seconds Buffer time before a reservation.
Autodeny Window Seconds Time after the start of a pending reservation to mark it as denied.
Autocancel Window Seconds Time after the start of a reservation to cancel it if no check-in or other actual usage activity is recorded.
Historical Edit Window Seconds Time into the future after the end of a reservation when it can be edited. Can be a negative or positive value.
Creation Start Time Restriction Seconds Time from now that a reservation can be made (can be a negative value).
Creation Start Time Restriction Future Seconds Time from now that a reservation cannot be made (can be a negative value).
User Visible Reservation Details Boolean Either true or false for whether users can see all the details of other reservations.
Anonymous Reservations Boolean Either true or false for whether reservations are completely anonymous.
Hidden to Cannot Reserve Users Boolean Either true or false for whether the resource is hidden to users who cannot reserve.
Is Addon Boolean Either true or false for whether the resource is an addon.
Exclude from Activity Report Boolean Either true or false to exclude this resource from activity reports.
Custom Reserve Button Text Text Replace the default Reserve or Request text in the app with this text.
Credentials Required Text A comma separated list of credential type names already defined in your site. If matched, the import preview will display the IDs of these credentials (a string of random characters) and any unmatched credential types will return an error.

Loan Specific Options

Column Name Format Description
Loanable Boolean Either true or false.
Future Loans Boolean Either true or false on whether to allow reserving future loans.
Returnable Boolean Either true or false on whether users can return their own loans.
Overdue Notice Delay Seconds Delay from when a resource is overdue to the first notice email.