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Creating Spending Accounts

Spending accounts can be created on an individual ad-hoc basis or through the use of templates applied across hundreds of users at once.

Creating an Open Account

All account management takes place on the Accounts page that is found under your Users menu item in Administration. To create an account, click the Add Accounts button in the top right-hand corner of the page. New accounts can be applied to individuals or groups of users at the same time and your setup can also be saved as a template to make future account applications easy.


  1. Select your users either individually with the Add User button or by user group, where you can also select all users at once. You can also easily create accounts for only recently added users by selecting users who do not currently have a valid account. Click on the Preview Recipients button to preview the list of users who will receive a new account.

  2. Decide on an initial balance for these accounts. For recurring accounts, this initially balance will be set that the start of each reoccurrence.

  3. If you plan to create similar accounts in the future, select Create New Template under the Stored Account Templates section and give your account a name. image-20190825125042665

  4. Click Add Accounts to __ Users to create your accounts.

Creating Time-Limited and Recurring Time-Limited Accounts

Time-limited and recurring time-limited accounts are created in much the same way as open accounts except you will select start and end dates for your accounts by switching on the This account has a start/end date options in the new account window.

Recurring accounts must also be time-limited accounts as these time limits define when accounts are renewed. Select the This account has nested account periods option to setup your recurring time-limited account and then select the desired repetition options.