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Time Restrictions

Time restrictions give you control over when reservations or requests can be created, edited, or cancelled.

Time Restrictions Panel

Reservation Editing Window

Limit the window within which a regular user is allowed to edit a reservation. This window can either be relative to the start of the reservation (e.g. 1 day before the start) or relative to the end of the reservation (e.g. 1 hour after the end). Administrators always have free access to edit reservations and this is a great way to prevent users from making last minute or post hoc modifications without your involvement.

For requests, this is the time since the creation of the request originally.

Reservation Cancellation Window

Limit the window within which a regular user is allowed to cancel a reservation. This window is similar to the editing window with times relative to the start or end of a reservation or request. If there is no cancellation restriction then a user will be subject to the editing window restriction if one is set. By setting both an editing window and a cancellation window, it is possible to allow the user a period of time when editing is possible but cancellation is not, or the other way around. Administrators are not subject to this limitation.

Important Note: If a user can edit a reservation but not cancel then it is still possible to reschedule that reservation, so consider carefully the best settings for your situation.

Restrict Reservations to Only Use Templates and Pre-Set Times

When this is enabled, a user will be unable to freely make reservations in the calendar but instead must select pre-defined template reservations created by an administrator.

Restrict Creating New Reservation Before or After a Time

These settings allow you to restrict the window, around the current time, in which a user can create a new reservation. For example, if only reservations in the future are allowed, you will restrict the Before Time be now. If you want to restrict reservations to be made no more than 30 days in the future, you will restrict the After Time to be 30 days. Administrators are able to bypass this restriction by using the Force option.

Reservation Time Granularity

Choose when, within an hour or day, a reservation can start. You can select any minute, on the 15s, the 30s, or the hour. Alternatively, you can select Entire day only in which all reservations will be for entire days and users will be unable to select the time in the day when a reservation starts or stops.

Reservation Duration Limit

Limit the maximum duration of each reservation users are allowed to make.

Buffer Time Before Reservations

Automatically create a buffer period before each reservation to allow for setup, take-down, etc.