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Ad-Hoc Resource Blocking

Sometimes you may want to block some or all of your resources for an ad-hoc period of time. For example, if you are closed for a period over winter break or if your facility is shut-down for maintenance. This can easily be setup in QReserve with the use of a special blocking resource.

Create a Blocking Resource

  1. The first step is to create a new resource that will be used to define your blocked out times. This resource can be of any class (e.g. Equipment) but should be Reservable.
  2. To prevent this resource from appearing to regular users, make sure that in the Visibility tab for the resource that the resource is not publicly visible and that it is hidden to users who cannot reserve. image-20190912140330132
  3. Under Reservations > Blockers, add any resources that you wish to block under the Blocks option. These blocks should not be bi-direction as we don't want reservations on those other resources to block our special blocker resource. Read more about resource blockers here. Tip: Use the Multi-Edit tool from the Resources page to quickly add a blocker to all (or some) of your resources.

Create a Blocking Reservation

  1. Access the calendar for your special blocking resource and create a reservation for the period you wish to block all of your other resources.
  2. This reservation will then block the calendars of any resources that it is setup to block. NOTE: It will not affect any existing reservations during your blocked period.

Disable Reservations on your Blocking Resource

  1. Edit your special blocking resource to disable reservations so that your resource will not show up to regular users. In your resource's administration page click Reservations and then set Reservations Enabled to No.
  2. To create new reservations in the future, turn this option back on.
  3. Alternatively, create a special user group called Blockers and add yourself and any other users who can create blocks to that user group. Then, add that group to your Groups setting under the Reservations tab when editing your special resource. This allows users in that group to create reservations at any time and the resource will remain hidden to any other users not in that group.