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Resource Management Overview

Resources are the core pieces of information that drive activity on your QReserve site. A resource can be many things including pieces of equipment, services you offer, consumables, meeting rooms, and even people.

Resource Types

Resources can be one of two primary types:

  • Reservable: These resources are setup to have a calendar associated with them for reserving or loaning the resource. Having the calendar enabled is optional to allow you to list resources on your site without having them reservable.

  • Requestable: These resources are setup to have a request queue associated with them but are not linked with a specific date or time on a calendar. Examples of a requestable resource are for when people are requesting services or requesting access to a resource at some undetermined time in the future. A request made on a requestable resource may eventually become a reservation on a reservable resource, but this depends on your workflow.

Resource Classes

Resources can be one of many classes:

  • Equipment
  • Service
  • Consumable
  • Location
  • Person
  • Software
  • Solution

The class you select has little functional impact on the resource other than helping to distinguish different resources and some classes may come with additional built-in properties. For example, Equipment comes with a built in serial number property that you can fill in while Person does not.