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Triggers are a powerful tool in QReserve to execute a task automatically based on another action such as a reservation being created, about to start, end, or be approved.

Triggers Overview

A trigger is like a recipe that is triggered based on some other event that could include:

  • A reservation or request being created.
  • A reservation or request being modified.
  • A reservation starting.
  • A reservation ending.
  • A reservation being approved or declined.

Each trigger task may or may not generate output that can flow into subsequent tasks. For example, a script may execute to generate contents of an email that is only sent when a form field is set to a specific value.

Creating Triggers

Triggers can be created from the Workflows page in Administration and can only be edited or activated by site moderators or administrators.

Trigger Offsets

A trigger will fire relative to some point in time. For example, you can specify that 1 hour after a reservation is created, execute a trigger, or 10 minutes before a reservation is about to start.

Specifying Resources for a Trigger

A trigger can either be linked to a specific resource or to a group of resources that share a common tag. For example, a single trigger can fire before any meeting room reservation is about to start by tagging all meeting rooms with a Meeting Rooms tag and then setting the trigger to act on that tag.

Trigger Tasks

Refer to Workflow Tasks.

Triggers Notifications

To keep you informed, each trigger can have a succeeded and/or a failed notifications email address (or multiple). Each day, a summary email with all subscriptions and triggers will be sent with a list of succeeded and failed workflows. This allows you to easily spot problem subscriptions and remedy them manually.