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Mass Messaging

Mass messaging allows you to send a message to users directly through the QReserve platform with several handy ways to select who receives the message. You can select your recipients individually, based on user group membership, or how recently they made a reservation on particular resources.

Accessing Mass Messaging

If your plan includes mass messaging, you can access this feature by clicking on the Users menu item and then selecting the Messaging sub-menu option.

Messaging Users Individually

Use the + Add Recipient button to add one or many individual recipients to your mass message. If a user is added both manually and through one of the aggregate methods below they will only receive the message once. Individual users can also be messaged by visiting their profile page, accessible by clicking their name on reservations and other locations within the application.

Messaging Users by User Group or All Users

Use the Select by User Group button to add all users who are a member of particular user groups, or select the All Users group to add all users in your site to the message.

Messaging Users by Resource Use or Association

Use the Select by Resource button to add users based on their association with or use of particular resources. Within this window, select one or more resources based on tag or individually and then choose which users you wish to contact.

You can send your message to the resource contacts and/or to recent users, configurable by the recency of use based on the reservations for that resource. For example, you can send your message to all users who have used one or more resources in the past 30 days by turning on Send to recent users and then setting the days value to 30.