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Activity Reports

Activity reports are you window into reservation, loan, and request activity in your site. Reports can be viewed online or exported directly to CSV.

Exported Activity Reports

Details CSV

The detailed CSV gives you the most level of detail for your reservations, combining reserved times, actual usage times, check-in and check-out times, and more. Access by selecting Details CSV from the Download button on your Activity Reports.

Parent Reservation ID
If this reservation is a part of a multi-resource reservation then this refers to the parent, grouping, reservation and can be used to group multi-resource reservation rows together.
Reservation ID
A unique ID for each reservation.
Can be one of: Reservation, Request, Actual Usage, or Instrument Login.
The date this activity object was created or last edited.
Can be one of: approved, cancelled, denied, or pending.
The start of the reservation or the time when a request was made.
Date End
The end of the reservation or the time when a request was made.
Date Original End
The originally requested end time. This time can differ from Date End when a reservation was ended early through the check-out process.
Bill To
The person whom this activity is billed to - either the person the who made the request or, if they have a supervisor, their supervisor.
The user whom this request is for (e.g. Reserved For).
Account Number
The account number associated with this activity entered at the time of booking of request.
Checked In
Whether or not this activity has actual usage records associated with it to show the person has checked in. Can be from explicit user check-in or from alternative usage recording methods like sensors or the actual usage API.
Checked-In At
The earliest actual usage time recorded for the activity.
Checked-Out At
The latest actual usage time recorded for the activity.
Booked Minutes
The number of minutes in the latest version of the reservation between Date and Date End.
Booked Minutes Original
The number of minutes in the original version of the reservation between Date and Date Original End.
Actual Minutes
The total number of actual usage minutes recorded through the check in and check out process or through other actual usage recording methods.
Whether this activity was auto-cancelled based on a lack of actual usage activity and the pre-set auto-cancellation rules.
Hidden Note (User)
The value of the hidden note on the user's account that can be set by editing a user profile on the administration page.
The resource this activity is for.
The number of booked units and the unit name if set.
The purpose field.
Administrator's Note (Reservation)
The hidden administrator's note only visible to administrators and moderators.
The user settable note field.
Rate Description
The description of the rate selected.
The value of and the basis for the selected rate.
Total Minutes
Total minutes, to 2 decimal places, of the final booked time.
Rate Multiplier
Depending on the rate basis and unit basis, the multiplier of the base rate to arrive at the final price. For example, a rate that is per hour and per unit, for a 2.5 hour reservation with 2 units, would have a rate multiplier of 2.5×2=5.0.
Calculated Fees
The final calculated price.
Filter Start
The start date for the filter used to generate this report.
Filter End
The end date for the filter used to generate this report.
Filtered Total Minutes
The number of minutes for this reservation that fall within the filtered dates. Can differ from the actual reserved minutes when a reservation spans multiple days.
Created By
The user who created this activity.
Projects this activity is associated with.
Approved By
A list of users who approved this activity.
Approval Time
The time at which a reservation became approved.
Approval Lag
The time between a reservation being created and when that reservation became approved (only when a reservation requires approvers).
Custom Form Fields
Any custom form fields that are recorded are listed at the end.