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Named Units

If you have multiple copies of a resource that are interchangeable then setting more than one unit allows for multiple, simultaneous reservations of that resource up to the unit limit. In some cases though, multiple copies of a resource are all available but still need to be tracked independently and creating duplicate resources could be tedious and hard to maintain. For these situations, Named Units are the ideal solution.

Reservation with named units

Named Units

When a resource has named units then each reservation of that resource is for a specific unit that has its own unique name. All settings and properties of these units are the same and so this is ideal when multiple identical copies of a resource exists but they are still individually identifiable through a name, ID number, or barcode.

Creating a Resource with Named Units

In most situations you will set a resource to use named units at the time of creation by selecting this option from the Add Resource window as shown below. You may also enable named units after the fact; however, any existing reservations will need to have named units assigned to them if those reservations are edited later on.

New resource with named units

Managing Named Units

A resource's list of named units can be managed from the Units tab when editing the resource. Named units are created by writing or copying and pasting a list of units into the Add Named Units window.

Adding named units

Once named units are defined, you can edit their names from the list of units and you can also deactivate them to keep them in your list but not have them available for any new or modified reservations. A deactivated named unit can also be marked deleted to be permanently removed from your list. Any deactivated or deleted named units will not be removed from existing reservations.

Managing named units

Reservations or Requests

Reservations or requests work the same way as with regular resources with the exception that in addition to selecting the resource name, you must also select a named unit (or multiple). If the resource has a rate then each named unit can have a specific rate attached to it.

Reservation with named units

Availability Checking

When viewing your resource from the site page, the total number of available units will be displayed next to that resource. When viewing the resource page directory though, the availability of each individual named unit will be displayed with the ability to reserve, check out, or request a specific named unit directly.

Named Units Availability

Barcode Reader Support

Named units are supported by barcode readers automatically and will be searched when a barcode scanner is used on a new reservation window. Barcodes will be looked for in the Name column (default) or the Barcode column/property if provided.