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Auto-Cancelling Reservations

When auto-cancelling reservations is activated, a reservation will be automatically cancelled if no actual usage of the resource is detected via kiosk check-in, sensors, scripts, or other usage detection methods. In order for this feature to be used, some form of actual usage must be setup that could include: Kiosk Check-In, Sensor Tracking, Actual Usage Computer Scripts.

Enabling Auto Cancel

The Auto Cancel feature can be enabled for each individual resource.

  1. From the site where the resource in question is located, in the left-hand column, click on Administration.
  2. In the left-hand column, click on Resources.
  3. On the Resources page, select the resource for which you wish to enable Auto Cancel.
  4. On that resource's dedicated page, select Reservations from the top menu.
  5. In the list of Reservation settings, select Actual usage.
  6. Under the option to Auto Cancel Missed Reservations, toggle the indicator to show "Yes".

Now, administrators are able to adjust the period of time after which a reservation for the resource in question will be automatically cancelled if no usage is detected. Simply introduce the desired time period in the specified field "Reservations without usage detected will be cancelled [e.g. 15 minutes] after the start of the reservation" and click "Save" below the time selection dials.

![Enabling auto cancel](../../images/docs/enabling auto cancel.png)

The Auto Cancel feature will only be applied for current reservations. In other words, reservations created in the past (e.g. to log use of a resource after the fact) will not be auto-cancelled.

Tracking Automatically Cancelled Reservations

  1. From the site where the resource in question is located, in the left-hand column, click on Administration.
  2. From the Administration page, click on Reports in the left-hand column, then Activity from the drop-down column.
  3. In the top right-hand corner of the page, click on Filters.
  4. In the drop-down Filters menu, under the field Auto-Cancelled Reservations, enable the option "Include Auto-Cancelled Reservations".

Now, administrators will be able to see reservations that were auto-cancelled. Such reservations will be highlighted in orange and identified as Auto-Cancelled.

![Tracking automatically cancelled reservations](../../images/docs/tracking automatically cancelled reservations.png)