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Adding Users

Adding Individual Users

Users can be added to your site by selecting the Add User button on your Users administration page.

Adding Users Screenshot

Enter the new user's email and role, and choose additional options.

You can choose to send an email notification to new users. If the user does not already have a QReserve account, an email notification is required which will prompt the user the set up their account. You can also include a message, set an account number, and choose which user group the new user will belong to.

New User Window

Removing Users

Deleting Users

You can remove users from your site by selecting the bin icon under 'Tools.' This function will only remove the user from your site and not delete the user's QReserve account.

Removing Users Screenshot

Blocking Users

In many cases it is better to block a user in your list rather than deleting them. When blocked, the user remains in your user list; however, that user cannot see or access your site. Because they remain in your user list though, you can still view them in user filters for accessing historical data. The other advantage of using the block option is that a user cannot rejoin your site if they are currently blocked.

Bulk User Import

If your subscription plan supports bulk import then you can upload a CSV file with your user information to rapidly add tens or hundreds of users to your site. Select the Upload button on your Users page to get started.

Bulk Upload Button

Download the example CSV file in the bottom right corner to see the correct headers for bulk upload. Then simply drag and drop your own CSV file with all of your users and their information onto this window to add them to your site.

Bulk Upload Window