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Kiosks | Anonymous Kiosks

Kiosks can be deployed to create truly anonymous reservations for multi-purpose or wellness rooms where you want to track reservations and utilization but do not want to track who is making the reservation or whom it is for.


Reservations in QReserve are always audit logged and linked with the user who created the reservation. In some situations though you may need to track the utilization and availability of a room or resource but keep these reservations entirely anonymous, even to administrators. Kiosks can be configured to do exactly this.

Anonymous Kiosk Booking

Kiosk and Site Configuration

Anonymous Kiosk Options

  1. Create a new User Group called Anonymous
  2. Create a new Test User called Anonymous and add your user to the Anonymous user group
  3. Create your kiosk and add your resource or room.
  4. Ensure you turn ​ON the Skip PIN so users so not have to authenticate.
  5. In the User Restrictions section of your kiosk:
    • Select your Anonymous user group
    • Turn on Show bots and test users

Once configured, your kiosk will present only your single Anonymous user as an option to make a reservation for.