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Bot and Test Users

QReserve allows you to create complex and intricate reservation workflows that will work differently for different types of users. Often, it can be a challenge to understand what different users will see in your site depending on user group membership, credential status, and other factors. Test users allow you to create mock users that you can login as to view your site from any perspective you want!

Test users can also be controlled automatically through the use of the QReserve API and a corresponding API key. Please refer to the QReserve API documentation for more information.

Creating a Bot Test User

A test user can be created from the User Administration page by clicking on + Add User and selecting the option at the top of the window. This functionality may not be available in trial or free sites.

Add User Window

A test user functions nearly identically to a regular user with the following exceptions:

  • You cannot login directly as a test user but instead must create a session while logged in as an administrator or moderator.
  • A test user cannot be a moderator or administrator.
  • You cannot join or create other sites as a test user besides the site the user was created in.
  • Any emails sent to a test user are sent to the last user to create a login session for the user.
  • The email linked to a test user is cleared when you log out.

Otherwise, a test user can be placed in user groups, granted credentials, and have access rights to resources just like any other user.

Test users are identified in your user list with a robot icon similar to below: Test User Row

Logging In as a Test User

To log in as a test user, click the user's name in User Administration and then click the Login button at the top of the edit window. This will open a new window and automatically begin a session as your test user. You may have to allow pop-ups from the QReserve application for this to function correctly.

Once logged in, all emails sent to the test user will automatically be sent to your own email address. This address is removed from the test user when you log out.

Log In as Test User