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Display Categories

Display categories are a powerful way to organize resources and services within your QReserve site.

Resource Categories

Simple Categories

Simple Category

Categories can be used for a simple folder structure by giving each resource in a particular category the same value. You can edit the display category from a resource's Profile > General tab or using the Display Category field in multi-edit or in the resources table.

Nested Categories

Nested Category

Categories can be nested up to 4 levels deep by separating each level with a / surrounded by one space on each side. For example, the category shown in the image above would be written as follows, where a is used to represent a space.


Sorted Categories

Sorted Category

Categories are sorted alphabetically be default but you can define a custom sort order for top level categories by pre-pending a capital letter and a ) in front of the name. The sorting letter will not be shown when displaying the category in the application but that letter will be used to determine the sort order.