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Kiosks | Check-In Desk

Kiosks in Check-In Desk Mode present a list of names of people to check in for reservations, including non-registered visitors.

Kiosk in Check-In Desk mode

Options and Work Flow

Your Check-In Desk kiosk can allow registered users and/or non-registered guests to check-in.

Kiosk Check-In Desk mode options

Registered User Options

  • Check-In/Out: the primary reservation holder can check-in and out of a reservation.
  • Guest Check-In/Out: registered users who are guests on a reservation can check-in and out of a reservation.
  • Multiple Check-In/Out: users can check back into a reservation after checking out.
  • End Early on Check Out: change a reservation's end time to the time of check-out.
  • Skip PIN: allow users to use the kiosk without a PIN code.
  • QR Code Authentication: allow users use the kiosk with their QR Code.

External Guest Management Options

Guests must sign-in for a specific reservation. To allow for general sign-in, create a repeating day-long reservation on a Visitors calendar.

  • When enabled, guests can sign-in and provide, at a minimum, their name.
  • If Notify reservation owner is enabled, the primary reservation owner will receive an email when an external guest signs in.
  • All external guest sign-ins are appended to the Note field of the reservation with their time, sign-in location, and any requested information.