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Library Loan Mode

QReserve resources can be configured to be loanable like in a library where they can be Checked Out and Returned just like a library book. When a loaned resource is overdue, users can receive overdue emails automatically at a configurable delay.

Enabling Loan Mode

All of the settings in this section are typically accessed through the Reservations tab when editing a resource.

  1. Ensure your resource was created as a Reservable type (the default).

  2. On your Resources page in Administration, click on the pencil icon next to the resource you want to edit.

  3. Go to the Reservations tab.

  4. Turn on the Loanable toggle switch and modify the parameters.


Checking Resources Out

A loanable resource can be checked out from that resource's main page by clicking the Check Out Now button. A reservation window will pop up and the loan can be created just like a standard reservation, with the start time automatically defaulting to the current time.


Once checked out, the loan appears on the page.


The user will then receive the standard confirmation email and if users are allowed to return their own loans, a button in that email to instantly mark that resource as returned.


Returning Resources

User Returnable Resources

If Users Can Return Their Own Loans is enabled, then a user can mark a loan as returned from the email confirmation they received, from their dashboard, or from the resource page itself.

Admin Returned Resources

If Users Can Return Their Own Loans is not enabled, then only moderators and administrators are allowed to return a loan for a user. They can do so directly from that resource's page.