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Weekly Slots

Weekly slots allow you to define predefined weekly recurring slots where bookings can take place. These slots can be different durations and different times on any weekday and can be easily overridden by administrators to make booking quick and easy for users.

Creating Weekly Slot Periods

  1. On your Resources page in Administration, click on the pencil icon next to the resource you want to edit.
  2. Go to the Reservations tab and then select Weekly Slots from the side menu.
  3. Draw in the times when you wish this resource to available for booking.

Weekly Slots Screenshot

How Booking Works

All reservation restrictions and rules still apply; however, users will be forced to select from a pre-defined list of times. If that time is available (or if a multi-unit resource has available units) then the user can select that time to book. If a user attempts to book from a calendar or timeline view they will be re-directed to the list of available lots.

Weekly Slots Booking

Administrator Overrides

Administrators are able to book outside of weekly slots by enabling administrator overrides, selecting their desired time, and then enabling the Force option.

Weekly Slots Force Booking