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Subscriptions are a powerful tool in QReserve to perform automated repetative tasks such as creating reservations, recording credentials, sending invoices, or running reports.

Subscriptions Overview

Subscriptions are currently in beta and not yet enabled for all customers. If you are interested in exploring this feature, please contact us today!

A subscription is like a recipe that is performed on a regular basis automatically by the QReserve platform. Each subscription has the following components:

  • A name for the subscription that will appear to end users.
  • A user whom the subscription is run for.
  • A recurrance schedule (e.g. the 1st of each month, every Monday, etc.)
  • A time of day to approximiately run the subscription.
  • An active or paused status (or a template status to easily generate new subscriptions).
  • One or more tasks that the subscription should execute each time it runs.

Each subscription task may or may not generate output that can flow into subsequent tasks. For example, a reservation task can create a reservation as output that can flow into an invoice task to automatically schedule the reservation and then generate an invoice.

Tasks can further be chained together so you could generate 5 reservations that all flow into a final invoice task to create a single invoice with those five reservations as line items!

Creating Subscriptions

Subscriptions can be created from the Subscriptions page in Administration and can only be edited or activated by site moderators or administrators at this time. Users will have access to a read-only summary of any subscriptions created on their behalf.

Subscription Notifications

Subscriptions can be a powerful tool to generate monthly subscription invoices, parking reservations, or recurring access credentials. With invoice tasks, credit card payment processing integrations, and stored cards on file, you can even automatically invoice and charge a credit cards! These tasks may not always succeed if, for example, a reservation is blocked due to a conflict or a payment attempt fails due to an expired credit card or invalid payment method.

To keep you informed, each subscription can have a succeeded and/or a failed notifications email address (or multiple). Each day, a summary email with all subscriptions will be sent with a list of succeeded subscriptions in one email and a list of failed subscriptions in another. This allows you to easily spot problem subscriptions and remedy them manually.

Subscription Tasks

Create a Reservation

Create a Reservation Task

A reservation task sets up a template reservation to be created each time your subscription runs. When first added, a reservation window will pop-up to pre-fill in the desired reservation parameters such as resources, rates, and any forms. The reservation template can be edited by clicking on the Edit button anytime after the task is initially setup.

The start and end of a reservation is setup on the task card itself where you select the start and end times relative to the subscription date. For example, you if a subscription is scheduled to run on the first of each month to create a month long reservation then you can set the Start to be Same day and the End to be End at the end of the month (Same Month). This option will handle the variable number of days in each month automatically.

When run, a reservation will be attempted but could fail if there is a conflict or some other rule prevents the reservation being created.

Create a Credential Record

Create a Credential Record

A credential record task will create a credential record for the subscriber at the time the subscription is run and will have that credential expire at the default expiry time set in the credential's definition. If the credential definition defaults to suppressed notifications then the user will not be notified.

Optionally, this task can also generate an invoice line item to be fed into a subsequent invoice generation task! For example, a monthly fitness membership can generate a fitness membership credential required to book time in your gym and then invoice and (if enabled) charge a customer automatically.

Generate an Invoice from Earlier Tasks

Generate an Invoice from Earlier Tasks

An invoice generation task is used to generate an invoiced based on previous tasks. The invoice task on its own can not create line items at this time however both reservation tasks and credential tasks can create invoice line items to be fed into the invoice generation task.

If your site has a payment processor with card-on-file capability you can optionally attempt to pay the invoice automatically at the time of creation. This allows for recurrign membership or subscription fees to automatically be charged to users! If a payment attempt fails then the subscription itself will be marked as failed and included in the failed notification email; however, previously succeeded tasks will still exist. For example, if a reservation for a parking spot was created but the payment for that parking spot failed, the user will receive an unpaid invoice and the reservation will still exist.

Important notes about the invoice generation task:
  • Invoices will not be generated if their total sum is zero.
  • If a default tax rate is setup on your Tax Rates window in Invoices, it will be applied to each line item automatically.
  • If paid automatically, the invoice will not be emailed to the user; however, a payment receipt will be emailed and the invoice is available in the User's history.

Report Generation

Coming soon!