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Check-In and Check-Out

Track actual usage by enabling check-in/out functionality. Users can check in and out from their dashboard, confirmation email, or kiosks with touch or contactless QR Codes!

Check In and Our from Kiosks

How It Works

Using kiosks, users can check in/out in two different ways:

  1. by clicking the kiosk Check-In and Check-Out button
  2. by scanning their QR Code on the Kiosk camera, or

Kiosk Check In and Out

1) On Kiosk Check-In and Check-Out button: every reservation displayed on the kiosk has a Check-In button that can be clicked up to 10 minutes before the reservation starts or ends. For example, if you have a reservation from 9:00 am-10:00 am, you can click the Check-In button anytime between 8:50 am and 10:00 am. When they are done with their reservation, users can click the Check-Out button to record their actual usage end time.

If desired, administrators can require users to authenticate their check-in/out with their personal PIN.

2) QR Code Check-In/Out: for kiosks with cameras, users can check-in/out by scanning their personal QR Code. Simply hold your QR Code to the camera to scan.

Users can find their personal QR Code under My Memberships on their site profile page. Users belonging to multiple sites will have a unique QR Code for each site membership.


If distributing QR Codes to users in bulk, administrators can download all of their user QR Codes from the Users tab by clicking QR Code Sheets. Administrators can also access user QR Codes individually through the user edit modal. Simply click the user name or the pencil icon next to the user name in the Users tab.

QR Code Sheets

How To Enable Kiosk Check-In/Out

To enable kiosk check-in, ensure the On Kiosk Check-in and if desired, QRCode Check-In toggles are enabled in Kiosks.

Kiosk Check-In Enable

Check In and Out from Dashboard and Emails

How It Works

Users can check in/out via their QReserve dashboard and reservation confirmation emails. If enabled, each reservation confirmation email will include a Check In Or Out Now button that can be clicked up to 10 minutes before the reservation starts.

Check-In Email

The default email notification setting is to send the reservation confirmation email with the Check In Or Out Now button at the time the reservation is made. Users can opt-in to receive reminder emails prior to their reservation. To set a default reminder email parameter, click the Reminder field in the reservation checkout box.

Reminder Emails

Users can also check-in/out directly from their QReserve dashboard. Under Current and Upcoming Reservations, users can click the Check In Now button up to 10 minutes before their reservation starts.

Dashboard Check In

How To Enable Dashboard and Email Check-In/Out

To enable the email and dashboard Check-In/Out button, visit Reservations > Actual Usage > Enable users to check-in and -out for reservations.

Enable Check In and Out

Allowing Reservations to End Early

If administrators have enabled check-out have also enabled the option to end a reservation early, a user will be asked to select from the following options:

  • Check out but leave reservation unchanged.
  • Check out and change reservations times to end now.

End Early

If a user selects Check out and change reservation times to end now, the reservation will immediately and and the resource will become available on the calendar. The Activity report will override the reservation end time with the actual check-out time. Administrators can view the original reservation start and end time by downloading the Details CSV report.

If a user selects Check out but leave reservation unchanged, the Activity report will record the end time as the original reservation end time. If a user decides to leave the reservation unchanged, they will have the option to check out again. The Check-out again button will remain an option for the user until A) the reservation has ended or B) the user selects check-out and changes the reservation time to end now.

Note: In order to check-out, users must wait 5 minutes after checking in. Users will receive the following message if they attempt to log out within the first 5 minutes of their reservation.

Enabling End Early

Automatically Cancelling Missed Reservations

Administrators can set parameters to auto-cancel reservations within a custom time frame if users fail to check-in. This is a resource level parameter that can be enabled under Reservations > Actual Usage > Auto Cancel Missed Reservations.

Users will receive email notifications for their missed and cancelled reservations.

Auto Cancel Missed Reservations


Reservation start, end, check-in and check-out times can be found in the Activity Report, Details CSV report and/or Actual Usage Report.

If a user ends a reservation early, the Activity Report will show the new end time but the original end time is still available in the Details CSV report and for invoicing.

Activity Reports Actual Usage