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Finding Resources

You can browse and search through resources from a site page.


Making a Reservation

Simply click on a day or select a time period on a resource's calendar to make your reservation. Reservations may require additional information forms, rate options, or additional fields depending on how your site and the resource you are reserving is configured.

Making a reservation animation

Moving Reservations Between Resources

Once you've made a reservation, you can change the resource that the reservation is for.

Go to the calendar of the initial resource and select the reservation you want to change. Select Edit, and from the Edit window you can choose another resource under the Resource field.

The reservation and all its details will move to the new resource that you select. Go to the calendar of the new resource to view the reservation. You can only move non-loanable reservations to non-loanable reservations.


Cancellation Notifications

If there is a busy resource you often find reserved then you can subscribe to cancellation notifications to be notified when reservations are cancelled. If someone cancels their reservation within 48 hours before the reserved time, you will receive an email notification that the equipment has become available.

To use this feature, go to a resource’s calendar, and select 'Subscribe to cancellation notifications.'